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IB Profile(s) of the Month: February

IB Profile(s) of the Month: February

We had to Learner Profile attribute we focused on in February: Risk-Takers and Knowledgeable. Congratulations to the following students for exemplifying the attributes of Risk-Taking and Knowledgeable.

Ms. Luciano: Knowledgeable - Emmett

Ms. Martin: Risk-Taker - Avery, Knowledgeable - Junior

Ms. Rein: Risk-Taker - Bo, Knowledgeable - Mohamed

Ms. Pappin: Risk-Taker - Aiden, Knowledgeable - Kentrell

Mr. Roub: Risk-Taker - Jayla, Knowledgeable - Celia

Ms. Clark: Risk-Taker - Maiya, Knowledgeable - Mucad

Ms. Bursell: Risk-Taker - Olivia, Knowledgeable - Kendra

Mr. Huyen: Risk-Taker - Yasmine, Knowledgeable - Mason

Ms. Rossow: Risk-Taker - Clyde, Knowledgeable - Edythe

Ms. Larson: Risk-Taker - Aini, Knowledgeable - Kayden

Ms. Nguyen: Risk-Taker - Arena, Knowledgeable - Henry

Ms. Sundquist: Risk-Taker - Cory, Knowledgeable - Jibril

Ms. Seipp: Risk-Taker - Zuheyb, Knowledgeable - Gabe

Mr. Kalla: Risk-Taker - Anthony, Knowledgeable - Abby

Mr. Segebarth: Risk-Taker - Sophia, Knowledgeable - Ilan

Mr. Nystrom: Risk-Taker - Loriauna, Knowledgeable - Samir

Ms. Toland: Risk-Taker - Aubrey, Knowledgeable - Adore

Ms. Stencel: Risk-Taker - Winsley, Knowledgeable - LaMya

Mr. Brown: Risk-Taker - Ava & Lavell, Knowledgeable - Aini & Ava

Ms. Little: Risk-TakerJared & Donyae, Knowledgeable - Jael & Kaylee

Mr. Clifford: Risk-Taker - Karius, Knowledgeable - Shem

Ms. Hanlin: Risk-Taker - Lalue, Knowledgeable - Rafael

Ms. True: Risk-Taker - Makai, Knowledgeable - Jamiah

The Profile(s) of the Month for March are Thinkers and Inquirers. Students who are thinkers exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions. Students who are inquirers nurture their curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. They know how to learn independently and with others. Inquirers learn with enthusiasm and sustain their love of learning throughout life. Please ask your learner how they have been a thinker and an inquirer at school, home or in the community.